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PROJECT UPDATE (06/18/2020):

The draft CAMA land use plan recommended by the Land Use Plan Steering Committee was created on 10/14/2019 and forwarded to the Planning & Zoning Board for their review.

The Planning & Zoning Board has reviewed the draft CAMA land use plan and made recommendations (previous draft dated 04/06/2020, which was then amended again and is now posted as draft dated 06/18/2020).


Both versions are on the Draft Plan Review Tab for public review.


Town Council will review the plan at their 07/14/2020 regular meeting which begins at 6:30pm. This is a public meeting and the public may comment and provide input at the meeting. Please check the Town's website for more information.

CAMA Land Use Plan Update

Upcoming Dates

Public Open House

July 16, 2019 at 4:00pm | Town Hall

A public open house was held and the Town staff and consultant staff were available to take comment and answer questions. Public comment on this version of the draft will be taken until August 14th. Please check the Draft Plan Review tab for more information.

Planning Board and Council Review

  • January 9, 2020  - joint Planning Board / Town Council meeting, with public comment accepted

  • date TBD - Town Council Adoption Hearing

What is a CAMA Land Use Plan?


A land use plan is a collection of policies and maps that serves as a community’s blueprint for growth. These plans are a fundamental element of land use and coastal management in North Carolina communities.

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