Stakeholder Interviews

The beginning of this planning process kicked off with a listening session with identified stakeholder groups. These stakeholders represented a variety of different interests and backgrounds, and provided a starting point for identifying issues, challenges, assets, and history associated with land use and development regulation in the Town. A summary of the input received from the stakeholder interviews from October 25, 2018 can be found at the link(s) below:

Stakeholder Interview Summary
Steering Committee Meetings

The steering committee provides review, input, and guidance at key milestones in the planning process. A summary of the input and discussion at the steering committee meetings can be found at the link(s) below:

Steering Committee Meeting Summary #1 - 11/27/2018
Agenda #1
Steering Committee Meeting #2 Summary - 01/16/2019
Steering Committee Meeting #2 Presentation - 01/16/2019
Agenda #2
Steering Committee Meeting Summary #3 - 02/19/2019
Steering Committee #3 presentation- 2/19/2019 - Note that this presentation includes a summary of the results from the first Public Meeting.
Agenda #3
Steering Committee Meeting #4 Summary - 03/19/2019
Agenda #4
The Steering Committee had three subsequent meetings to review and revise the draft land use plan on the dates of May 1, May 29, and June 20. The plan (complete with committee revisions) was released to the public for review on July 9.
Agenda #5
Agenda #6
Agenda #7
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT)

During the first steering committee meeting on 11/27/2018, members identified the community’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). This information furthers the conversation about land use and other issues and challenges facing the town that a land use plan can address. A summary of the SWOT analysis is below:

SWOT Analysis Summary - 11/27/2018
Public Input Survey Results

A public survey was available from January 28 to February 20, 2019, both online and at the public meeting. Nearly 500 respondents answered the survey, with a 100% completion rate - this is a phenomenal participation rate for a town the size of Carolina Beach!

A full version of the survey results is available below:

Public Survey Results - 02/21/2019
Inventory of Natural Resources and Habitat


Throughout the planning process, consideration is given to important natural resources. The Biodiversity and Habitat Value Map captures some of this information. In general, high biodiversity and quality habitat are found at the water-to-land interface and in undisturbed natural areas.

Community Profile


The best available data, supplemented by local knowledge and data resources, are being used in the development of a community profile. This information is presented to the steering committee to help augment the knowledge base that they use when guiding plan development.


Preliminary demographics and local trends are summarized in the link(s) below:

Community Profile

Land Suitability

Certain physical, economic, and locational factors of land are recognized as influencing whether or not a particular tract is "suitable" for a certain type of use. Here, suitability is defined as the attractiveness of a piece of land given its combination of those factors. For Carolina Beach, a development suitability map was created to be used as one of many pieces of information that might inform the steering committee in the development of the updated Future Land Use Map. The determination of "suitability" involved proximity to factors such as wet utilities (water and sewer), transportation, existing activity centers, etc., as well as distance from environmental factors, such as respecting floodplains, wetlands, and high erosion areas. The summary presentation is located here:

Suitability summary

Current Town Plans and Ordinances


Over time, the Town has developed a number of plans that guide decisions and decision-makers in their duties. All relevant and adopted plans are reviewed and important pieces are considered and carried forward into the land use plan update. Carolina Beach's adopted plans and ordinances can be found on their website:


This page will be periodically updated with resources and information relevant to the project and its goals.