Extensive public participation is a key component of the CAMA Land Use Plan update and we want to hear from you, the community, throughout the process. Your thoughts, ideas, and participation are vital for the success of this effort. Over the course of the project, we will host several public meetings where we will ask for your input and feedback on the Plan as it is developed. The larger, more prominent public engagement opportunities are:

  • Stakeholder meetings (held Oct. 25th) - check the Resources tab for a summary

  • Two public open house workshops (tentatively scheduled for February and mid-Spring),

  • Online community survey (tentatively scheduled for late January / early February)

  • The public hearings (tentatively scheduled for summer/fall of 2019)

Throughout the process, the steering committee will provide review and guidance at plan development milestones. Be sure to contact steering committee members to get more information and provide your perspective. The steering committee was appointed by Town Council on 11/13/2018. 


Steering Committee members:

  • Adam Priest

  • David Schifter

  • Debra LeCompte

  • Dennis Barbour

  • Ethan Crouch

  • Jay Healy

  • Jeff Hogan

  • Karen Graybush

  • Kathy Godbey

  • Steven Klem

  • Todd Piper

  • Wayne Rouse


Town Staff Liaison:


Town Council Representatives:

Stay in touch through out the process by:

  • Visiting this website frequently to stay abreast of updates.

  • Watching the Town's social media for updates and upcoming meetings.

  • Submitting your contact information on the Contact page of this website to be emailed about future events.

  • Contacting the Town's Planning Department to get more information.