Draft Future Land Use Plan

The draft land use plan has been revised based on input from the February public meeting and extensive steering committee review and direction. Public comment period was taken on the first draft for over a month. Following that meeting and additional steering committee review and direction, the draft plan has been revised. The plan has also been reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Board. Each version is available below.

Current land use plan draft - these are the most current versions:



Previously released materials (08/29/2019) - these are not the most current:

Draft Future Land Use Plan (08/29/2019)

Large Format Future Land Use Map (08/23/2019) 

You can also review the presentation and boards (below) that were presented at the first Public Meeting on 07/16/2019. 

Note that these materials are associated with the draft that was released in July - these are not the most current:

Public Meeting Boards

Public Meeting Presentation with a video of the presentation here: (just click on the "Video" button on that page).